Feb 2018 Update

Welcome to 2018 everyone, a milestone year personally and professionally.

There is a new camera in the ranks which means more photos and the start of some Vlogging.

With my current fulltime career there will be some changes as I move into the MultiMedia side of the house. What does that mean? It means I will be down in Sydney for approximately 6 months for training courses learning how to fully utilise the Adobe suite of programs. It also means that there will be photographs added to the gallery from Newcastle to Woolongong and including Sydney. A rare opportunity to spend time in that area.

I have been trying to rebrand myself to relay that I take a lot of my photographs in nature. I came up with two designs, 1 for that very purpose and the other for more portrait and city based work. Both designs are in the gallery page under Graphic Design in the above menu.

I was given a years membership with Royal Queensland Art Society Inc late last year and will be entering into competitions in order to try and get my name better known. I feel it is all about exposure and networking.

Weel that is it for now, hope you all enjoy your 2018.

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